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How can I save money on appliance repairs?

Always follow the manufacturers instructions regarding cleaning and using the right type of detergent. This is particularly important for washers as many need low suds powders or liquids.

Do you charge extra if you need to order parts and return later?

No. It is all part of the one call out.

How long can I expect an appliance to last?

The lifetime of an appliance varies so here is a quick guide.

  • Electric range averages 16 years
  • Refrigerator  10-14 years
  • Washers 10-12 years
  • Freezers 14-16 years
  • Dishwashers 10-12 years

You might have one last or longer or shorter, a lot depends on the proximity to excessive heating and cooling.

Should I attempt to repair an electrical appliance myself?

Electrical appliances can be dangerous so you should always call in a registered and qualified appliance repair company. You may harm yourself or cause more problems if you only think you know what to do.

Should I get my appliance repaired or just go ahead and buy a new appliance?

This depends on you but feel free to ask us as we have been repairing these appliances for many years and have a good idea about what sort of problems lead to new appliances or a simple repair.

Why should I choose Antech appliances for all of my appliance repairs?

We are a company with many years experience and we stand behind the brands that we service. As we are trained by the makers of these products we know exactly how they should function for you.

Do you do warranty work on all brands?

No. We are trained by the manufacturers to do their warranty work but we can do appliance repairs on over 70 brands once the warranty has expired. See Brand names on our home page for a full list of brands we do warranty work on.

Do you give quotes over the phone?

No. As we won’t know exactly what is needed to repair a certain appliance until we can see it for ourselves first hand.

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